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Government Contractors

While most would think all factors and lenders would accept clients who deal primarily with federal, state, and local governments due to their typically excellent creditworthiness, that is not the case.  Financing clients whose B2G companies work with federal, state, and local governments can present their own challenges and risks when attempting to insure assignment and validity of an invoice.  Additional risks are present with many governmental entities that are truly at risk of insolvency.  Many of our lenders, however, seek out prospective clients that are good candidates with a history of dealing with the government.  We will, most often need to submit funding package to a lender or a factor specializing in government receivables.

Types of Companies We Have Funded



Lawn Care


Pool Cleaner

Typical Funding Required

For most services companies that operate B2B, the most common problem faced is need for ready capital for payroll and working capital for normal monthly operating expenses while invoice payment come in.  When 30 day payment terms are stretched to 45 or even 60, it can create problems.  Factoring solves it quickly, easily, and the cost of factoring is modest, about the same as getting paid by a credit card.  The second most common faced by small service companies is the need for equipment.  In most cases, we can find the right leasing company to match your needs every time.

Factoring - Availability
Availability 90%
Asset-Based Lending - Availability
Availability 80%
SBA Microloan- Availability
Availability 40%
SBA 7A- Availability
Availability 80%
Equipment Leasing
Availability 85%
Availability 85%

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At IACFB, we publish the Directory of American Factors and Lenders, the largest database of factors and alternative commercial finance providers available in the industry.  Our access to the directory means that “when the banks say no”, we can virtually always find the right lender for your capital needs every time.  In fact, if we can’t get it done, it likely can’t be done  Find your nearest Certified Consultant to discuss you financing requirements.