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Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions

According to website Statista, the services sector of GDP in the U.S. is 76.89%.  So…if you are one of the three-quarters of all domestic businesses operators who are part of that group of individuals running a services- related operation, you have a lot of good company.  The services sector is broad and continuingly growing.  In fact, people find new and creative types of services to perform almost daily.  Some services providers assist consumers.  Some provide services to other businesses.  Still others work for the local, state, and federal government.  And because of the overall depth and creativity of the industry, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to financing.  Fortunately, IACFB is a recognized expert in financing services companies.

Types of Companies We Have Funded

Specialty Wiring

Circuit Boards



Sheet Metal

Typical Funding Requirements

For the manufacturing and distribution sector, the primary financing tool much sought after is revolving lines of credit structure for asset-based loans.  Unlike pure factoring which addresses only accounts receivable, an asset-based loan is structured to finance  accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment At IACFB,  we have dozens of pure asset based lenders as well as SBA lenders using the 7(A) program.  Unlike factoring which required little or no credit history for your company, asset-based loan providers will require some credit history.  Much is also based upon your products and the liquidation value of you inventory in the event the loan fails.

Factoring - Availability
Availability 92%
Asset-Based Lending - Availability
Availability 89%
SBA Microloan- Availability
Availability 25%
SBA 7A- Availability
Availability 78%
Equipment Leasing
Availability 85%
Availability 32%

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At IACFB, we publish the Directory of American Factors and Lenders, the largest database of factors and alternative commercial finance providers available in the industry.  Our access to the directory means that “when the banks say no”, we can virtually always find the right lender for your capital needs every time.  In fact, if we can’t get it done, it likely can’t be done  Find your nearest Certified Consultant to discuss you financing requirements.